Kids; what would you like to see in a site that belongs totally to you? Would you be interested in finding out the secrets of the depths of endless space or reading about the sea creatures that produce light to scare off their enemies? Maybe you would like to understand how it is that our hearts never tire and go on beating for years. Or through this site you might like to realise the power of God Who created you, your mother, your father, your friends, everyone, all the animals, all living things, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the entire Universe. .

Have you ever wondered why a honeybee makes its combs six-sidedl? Or did you know that every species of spider has its own way of making its webs? Perhaps many of you would like to explore the world of plants, which is full of mysteries. You would surely love to know how water climbs up from the roots of a tree to its very top branches, several meters high. Or maybe you wonder how a Venus' Flytrap catches insects that land on its leaves in the blink of an eye.

Some children would never swap getting lost in the mysteries of the Universe for anything else. How does the Earth rotate and move at such a great speed without hitting any planets or meteors in the darkness of space? What does space, that consists of comets, galaxies, the solar system, planets, and the Milky Way, hide from us? How slow or how fast does the Earth we live in travel, and where does it go? Why do we not feel it when we travel in the depths of space? Would our lives be different if there were no gravity? Or why is the moon so dark, and why is not there one living thing on it? You will find the answers to all these questions on this site.

Wait! There is more! There is one more extremely important section on this site. Here you will find information about one of the most important subjects you will ever come across. This section introduces you to the real face of Charles Darwin, the founder of the "Theory of Evolution." It shows that the teachings of Darwin, which say that animals gradually evolved from one another and that apes are the ancestors of man, have no scientific basis. And it proves that the entire Universe; all the animals, plants and of course human beings in it, have only one Creator, and that this Creator is God, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.

This site is inspired by the works of Harun Yahya for you to have fun, to enjoy yourselves, to learn and at the same time to ponder on what you read.