Cheetahs are known as the fastest running animals on land. They can go over short distances with great speeds. They can accelerate up to 75 km.(45 miles) per hour within a few seconds. Some cheetahs can run more than 600 metres (650 yards) at the unbelievable speed of 113 km/hour (70 miles/hour).



Some creatures use the method of leaving scents to border their territories. For example, the gazelle uses long thin twigs and plants, as well as a substance, which smells like tar, secreted by glands directly under its eyes to mark its territory. This scent lets other gazelles know that this territory already has an owner.Reindeer, on the other hand, have scent glands on the tips of their rear feet. The substance secreted by these glands makes it possible for them to mark their territories. Rabbits mark their territory with a substance secreted by glands on their chins.


The gecko is a type of lizard that lives in hot climates. Its most amazing feature is its ability to walk on vertical flat surfaces with ease. The geckos can easily climb even on glass with the help of the suction cups on the tips of their toes. In addition, they have hidden claws in their toes. When they reach uneven surfaces, they let out these claws just like a cat and continue their walk.



What would you think if you saw a lizard running on water? You could say, "I'm probably dreaming". This is not a dream; it is reality! The lizard, named the basilisk, can run on water and it can do this extremely fast. Flaps at the back of its feet allow it to splash the water. These flaps curl up when it walks on land. If it comes across any danger, it quickly gets into water and starts to run fast. Meanwhile, the flaps on the back of its feet open and provide it the width that will allow it to run on water.


Ducks can fly with speeds of up to 50 km. (30 miles) per hour. In addition, they keep on changing direction to protect themselves from predators. When they need to dive into water, they do it so fast that it becomes extremely difficult for hunters to hunt them down.


The trunks of elephants contain 50,000 muscles. When needed, these muscles contract, making it possible for the elephant to push even the heaviest of loads. The trunk, at the same time, can perform such delicate tasks as collecting pea seeds and cracking them open in the elephant's mouth. The trunk, which is practical in so many ways, can also be used as a long finger, a trumpet or a loudspeaker. The trunk can hold about 4 litres (7 pints) of water for drinking or showering the body.

You may have heard these special features of the creatures we have mentioned for the first time. They all have very awesome features, don't they? These are only a few of the awesome creatures on earth. There are thousands of animals on earth like these that you might not have seen or heard of yet. Well, could all these animals have achieved such interesting features by chance? Of course not! Allah is the One Who has created them with all these features and unique qualities.